Apple Vision Pro, Next-gen CarPlay and Other News

First Cars with Next-gen CarPlay Announced

On December 21st, Cool Hunting and Car and Driver reported that Porsche and Aston Martin will be the first automotive brands to carry the next generation of CarPlay. The next generation of CarPlay will extend to all screens in all cars, including the center console and dashboard; radio and temperature control will also be added to the list of features. In addition, the new version of CarPlay offers themed interfaces for different car manufacturers. For example, the background image of Porsche models with the new CarPlay simulates Porsche’s unique Pepita material texture, while the CarPlay design for Aston Martin models is slightly different, with the brand’s distinctive green color outlining the dashboard. Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo, and many other automakers have signed on to support the new CarPlay.

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Threads Goes Live in Europe and Other News

Threads Goes Live in Europe

On December 14, Zuckerberg posted on the Threads platform to announce that it is now live in Europe. When accessed from EU countries, Threads can be viewed without registering and logging in, but an Instagram account is still required to actually post or interact with content.Threads has not been supported for use in EU countries since it went live in July in more than 100 countries and territories, and has even proactively used technology to block European users. This is largely in response to compliance requirements in the EU’s Digital Marketplace Act, which comes into force next year; Meta is subject to specific obligations as it is defined as a ‘gatekeeper’ under the Act.

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Osx Uninstaller 2024 Releases & Other Interesting New Apps

Osx Uninstaller 2024: Our editor’s choice for the best Mac app uninstaller with better app removal capability and a new interface

Are you searching for the solutions to completely get rid of Mac apps and clean up the leftovers on your shiny Macintosh machine? Osx Uninstaller is our editor’s choice for the best app uninstaller on Mac, and this newer version Osx Uninstaller 2024 includes a refresh user interface and optimized app removal workflow. All users can upgrade to this new version for free. You can visit the official site for detailed upgrade instructions.


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Mozilla Solo, Intel Core Ultra and Other News

Mozilla Launches Solo, an AI Website Generation Tool

Mozilla has launched a new project called Solo, which aims to help users with no programming experience to build websites through AI. According to the official demonstration, users only need to enter text, images and natural descriptions related to the layout, and the AI will process it into the desired website.Mozilla mentioned in an official statement that the project utilizes AI to generate website content and images, which can then be adjusted by individual entrepreneurs according to the actual situation and their preferred style.

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Total Uninstaller 2024 Review

You may have tried to solve the problems of incomplete uninstall in Windows, which prevents you from updating your applications. There are a lot of applications that you don’t know why and when they are on your Windows PC and you want to get rid of them completely, including the leftovers of these applications. Total Uninstaller can do it all completely, safely and without any hassle. In this review, we’ll show you how effective Total Uninstaller is and we’ll use the latest version Total Uninstaller 2024, which is highly recommended to get the affordable lifetime license while it is available.


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Google Announced Play Store Best of 2023 and Other News

Google announced the Play Store Best of 2023 list

On November 30th, Google announced the 2023 Google Play Store Best Apps, Best Games and other lists. The best app is Imprint from Polywise, an app that introduces laypeople to all kinds of knowledge in a visual way. The Google Play editorial team awarded Best Game to Wipeout: Star Dome Railroad by China’s Miha Tour team. The Best App award, chosen by Android users, went to ChatGPT, and the Best Game award went to MONOPOLY GO!


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What is New Windows 11 (Moment 4 Update)

If you’re running Windows 11 version 22H2 on your device, you should also see an update called KB5030310 around the Fourth of July in the System Update Alert or System Update History. This is the long-rumored Moment 4 update. While it’s not the big annual update that Microsoft is planning (22H2 -> 23H2), Moment 4 includes a ton of new features that are almost all of the Windows 11 feature updates for 2023 – 23H2, which is expected to be pushed out in Q4, shouldn’t have anything to offer other than replacing the built-in Chat app with a free version of Microsoft Teams. The 23H2, which is expected to be delivered in Q4, shouldn’t have any significant changes other than replacing the built-in Chat app with a free version of Microsoft Teams. So back to the point, what new features does Microsoft bring to Moment 4, and is it worth upgrading to experience them?


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AFFiNE, BatteryBoi Releases, and Percento, Cleanshot Updates

AFFiNE: Fusing notes and whiteboards, another innovation in note-taking tools

Ever since Notion developed the Block-type note-taking format, there has been a proliferation of similar note-taking tools. These imitators can be roughly categorized into 2 types: first, localization, which focuses on “localization differences” and claims to be more suitable for local users; and second, innovation, which focuses on “the unexpected” and makes everyone wonder how it can be played. AFFiNE belongs to the third category, which integrates block notes and whiteboards together, and can be switched with each other, combining the functions of text editing and free display. After opening the AFFiNE client, you can see that the whole editing interface and functions are basically similar to Notion, so I won’t expand on it here, let’s take a look at its whiteboard function.


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Slideshow Wallpaper Released, Overdrop, Bartender 5 and Tripsy Updates

Slideshow Wallpaper: Select your album pictures as wallpaper

Whether you’re a master of landscape photography, a child photographer, or a lover of cute pets, it’s a pity that the good photos you’ve taken can only stay in the albums. Instead of opening the albums from time to time, you may want to use your favorite photos as the desktop background of your cell phone, and enjoy them passively every day. Slideshow Wallpaper is an application to help you realize the above function, simply put, it is to rotate all the pictures you manually choose to play, and play the role of replacing your desktop background and lock screen interface wallpaper at the same time.

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TimeWave, Mercury Weather, DrawerJournal Releases and Other App Updates

TimeWave: Black and White Timing Toolkit

TimeWave is a simple interval timer that can help you organize your work intervals to improve efficiency, assist in breathing and meditation to relax your body and mind, and keep an eye on the cooking time to prevent juicy ingredients from turning into “real dark food”. TimeWave has a minimalist design in black, white, and gray, and when you first enter it, there’s nothing there, so you can quickly add preset models from the app’s Wave Store by tapping the “+” button in the upper-right corner, or by clicking the “Show Me Examples” button in the middle of the screen.

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