Sony A7C2 Review

One of the tags that I have kept for myself in my various social media platforms is ‘photography’. Although I did some commercial work when I was a student and time permitted, I have never really considered photography as a “career”, but rather as a “hobby”. During the years I’ve been with photography, my equipment has changed from iPhone to Canon to Sony, from one camera with one lens to one camera with multiple lenses, and back to one camera with one lens.


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MacBook Pro Hands-on Experience

John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, had this to say after the introduction of the MacBook Pro with M3-series chips. Cutting-edge industrial design, great hardware performance, and an equally unique macOS – I’d have to agree; next to the iPhone, the MacBook Pro is arguably my favorite Apple product.

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Total Uninstaller 2024 Review

You may have tried to solve the problems of incomplete uninstall in Windows, which prevents you from updating your applications. There are a lot of applications that you don’t know why and when they are on your Windows PC and you want to get rid of them completely, including the leftovers of these applications. Total Uninstaller can do it all completely, safely and without any hassle. In this review, we’ll show you how effective Total Uninstaller is and we’ll use the latest version Total Uninstaller 2024, which is highly recommended to get the affordable lifetime license while it is available.


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MacRemover Review

MacRemover is a must-have utility for Mac users who want to completely uninstall Mac apps and remove related leftovers. The latest version MacRemover 2024 is regarded as a significant upgrade. This powerful app offers a range of features that make managing apps in one place with ease. In this hands-on testing, we use it to uninstall these apps: SimpleMind Pro, Amadine, MouseBoost Pro, Airfoil, EPUB Reader Pro, Yate and Overlay.


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Internet Download Manager Review

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a very famous download tool for Windows platform, which has won many awards at home and abroad. Compared to other similar tools dazzling interface and features, IDM interface without ads, no pop-ups, no built-in browser, focus on downloading can increase the download speed by 5 times, really the advantages of the fastest download to the maximum. Such a good software, the price is not cheap, the official website price is often prohibitive.

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Fydetab Duo Review

The first thing that struck me about the Fydetab Duo was that it was heavier than I expected a “tablet” to be, which is a stark contrast to the sharp, light design of the system. The device alone weighs 754 grams, and with the magnetic stand and magnetic keyboard cover, it weighs 1325 grams.

This weight is certainly not a problem to carry out alone, but if you want to carry a laptop at the same time, it may be a bit overwhelming. So for the Fydetab Duo, you can understand that it is close to the large iPad Pro in form, but closer to the basic iPad or iPad Air in price.

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