What is New Windows 11 (Moment 4 Update)

If you’re running Windows 11 version 22H2 on your device, you should also see an update called KB5030310 around the Fourth of July in the System Update Alert or System Update History. This is the long-rumored Moment 4 update. While it’s not the big annual update that Microsoft is planning (22H2 -> 23H2), Moment 4 includes a ton of new features that are almost all of the Windows 11 feature updates for 2023 – 23H2, which is expected to be pushed out in Q4, shouldn’t have anything to offer other than replacing the built-in Chat app with a free version of Microsoft Teams. The 23H2, which is expected to be delivered in Q4, shouldn’t have any significant changes other than replacing the built-in Chat app with a free version of Microsoft Teams. So back to the point, what new features does Microsoft bring to Moment 4, and is it worth upgrading to experience them?


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AFFiNE, BatteryBoi Releases, and Percento, Cleanshot Updates

AFFiNE: Fusing notes and whiteboards, another innovation in note-taking tools

Ever since Notion developed the Block-type note-taking format, there has been a proliferation of similar note-taking tools. These imitators can be roughly categorized into 2 types: first, localization, which focuses on “localization differences” and claims to be more suitable for local users; and second, innovation, which focuses on “the unexpected” and makes everyone wonder how it can be played. AFFiNE belongs to the third category, which integrates block notes and whiteboards together, and can be switched with each other, combining the functions of text editing and free display. After opening the AFFiNE client, you can see that the whole editing interface and functions are basically similar to Notion, so I won’t expand on it here, let’s take a look at its whiteboard function.


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