Google Launches Pixel 8a and Other Tech News

Google launches Pixel 8a

On May 8, Google launched the Pixel 8a, a mid-range phone with a Google Tensor G3 processor and a 120Hz refresh OLED screen with 8GB of RAM. The Pixel 8a is a mid-range model with Google’s Tensor G3 processor, a 120Hz OLED screen, and 8GB of RAM, and a 64-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and is priced at $499. You can get this phone on Google Store or Best Buy.


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Mozilla Launches Monitor Plus Service and Other News

Mozilla Launches Monitor Plus Service

Mozilla announced on February 7 a new service, Monitor Plus, designed to help users remove personal information from the Web, such as names, current and former addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive data. The service is based on Mozilla Monitor’s free privacy scanning service, which allows users to have their personal information deleted from more than 190 data integrators for $8 per month. Mozilla Monitor Plus will also periodically check to make sure that users’ information does not appear on those data integrators’ Web sites. Mozilla promises to treat information provided by users in a highly Mozilla promises to handle user-provided information in a highly encrypted manner, and the service also supports the ability to locate potential breaches of information, including social security numbers, credit card details, bank accounts and passwords, and guides users through the process of fixing and resolving them.


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App Store Rejects HEY’s App Again and Other Tech News

App Store Rejects HEY’s App Again

On January 6, David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of the email service HEY, posted on X that Apple had notified him that it would be rejecting his new calendar app HEY Calendar from the App Store, but declined to provide a specific reason. This is the second time after more than three years that Apple has rejected a HEY app. During the call, reviewers reportedly acknowledged that the calendar feature would be fine if it was in the existing HEY email client, but did not agree to allow it to be shelved as a standalone app.

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Microsoft Copilot, VESA Standard and Other Tech News

Microsoft Plans to Add Copilot Keys to Keyboards

On January 4, 2024, Microsoft, along with a number of OEMs, plans to add an additional Copilot key to the keyboards of several new PCs and laptops to allow users to quickly turn on the AI-powered Windows Copilot.The Copilot key will replace the traditional menu key (app key), and will be located next to the Alt key on the right side of most keyboards. Windows Copilot, built into Windows 11, is said to be a ChatGPT-like chatbot that can answer questions and even perform actions within Windows.

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Unpacked 2024 Event, Dell New Concept Laptop and Xiaomi Cars

Xiaomi previews Xiaomi Auto SU7/Max technology

Xiaomi has previewed the technology of Xiaomi SU7/Max on December 28 at the automotive technology conference. The Xiaomi SU7 is available in three colors – Gulf Blue, Elegant Gray, and Olive Green – and its exterior design includes teardrop-shaped headlights, 2.48m halo taillights, and rippling surfaces, etc. Features of the SU7 Max include 8 groups of air ducts, 17 air vents, and a motorized tail, etc. The vehicle measures 4997mm in length, 1440mm in height, and 1963mm in width. Vehicle dimensions are 4997mm long, 1440mm high, 1963mm wide and 3000mm wheelbase. As for the interior, the SU7/Max is available in Galaxy Gray, Twilight Red, and Obsidian Black interior colors, and is equipped with a large 16.1-inch touchscreen, a 56-inch HUD, and a 7.1-inch flip-up instrument screen. The rear seats can be expanded to Xiaomi Tablet x2, and the center control screen supports keyboard expansion. In terms of space, the SU7 has 1012mm of longitudinal space in the front, 105 liters of luggage space in the front and 517 liters in the trunk. In terms of power, SU7 Max provides 495kW peak power and 838N-m peak torque, accelerating from zero to 100 in just 2.78 seconds, with a top speed of 265km/h. Equipped with a 101Kwh Nintendo Kirin battery, the CLTC range is up to 800km, and it supports super fast charging. In terms of chassis, SU7 adopts front double-wishbone + rear multi-link design, equipped with CDC electromagnetic suspension and air suspension, and supports a number of adaptive functions. In terms of safety, SU7 adopts 2000MPa strength steel-aluminum hybrid body, provides 7 airbags, and comes standard with 16 active safety features. In terms of privacy and security, it is equipped with the Xiaomi Surge OS system, which supports account privacy isolation and end-to-end encryption. Xiaomi SU7 has begun small batch mass production and will be officially released in a few months, the price has not yet been announced.


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Rockstar Source Code Leaked and Other News

Rockstar Source Code Leaked

On December 24th, local time, during the Christmas holiday, a large amount of source code for Rockstar games was leaked to a Discord channel. According to YouTuber SKizzle, who discovered and publicized the news, the leak includes all of the source code for GTA 5, the RAGE engine, parts of the sequel to Bully, and parts of the sequel to the GTA series codenamed Project Americas. There are speculations that this leak is concurrent with last year’s Rockstar live gameplay leak, which has only now been made public.


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Anthropic Releases Claude 2.1 and Other News

Anthropic Releases Claude 2.1

On November 22nd, the Anthropic team announced the release of version 2.1 of Claude. In this new version, Claude can handle 200,000 tokens of long content, which is equivalent to about 150,000 English words. In addition, Claude 2.1 reduces errors or misrepresentations by half and increases the ability to handle complex requests.


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Apple Vision Pro, Next-gen CarPlay and Other News

First Cars with Next-gen CarPlay Announced

On December 21st, Cool Hunting and Car and Driver reported that Porsche and Aston Martin will be the first automotive brands to carry the next generation of CarPlay. The next generation of CarPlay will extend to all screens in all cars, including the center console and dashboard; radio and temperature control will also be added to the list of features. In addition, the new version of CarPlay offers themed interfaces for different car manufacturers. For example, the background image of Porsche models with the new CarPlay simulates Porsche’s unique Pepita material texture, while the CarPlay design for Aston Martin models is slightly different, with the brand’s distinctive green color outlining the dashboard. Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo, and many other automakers have signed on to support the new CarPlay.

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Threads Goes Live in Europe and Other News

Threads Goes Live in Europe

On December 14, Zuckerberg posted on the Threads platform to announce that it is now live in Europe. When accessed from EU countries, Threads can be viewed without registering and logging in, but an Instagram account is still required to actually post or interact with content.Threads has not been supported for use in EU countries since it went live in July in more than 100 countries and territories, and has even proactively used technology to block European users. This is largely in response to compliance requirements in the EU’s Digital Marketplace Act, which comes into force next year; Meta is subject to specific obligations as it is defined as a ‘gatekeeper’ under the Act.

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Osx Uninstaller 2024 Releases & Other Interesting New Apps

Osx Uninstaller 2024: Our editor’s choice for the best Mac app uninstaller with better app removal capability and a new interface

Are you searching for the solutions to completely get rid of Mac apps and clean up the leftovers on your shiny Macintosh machine? The US-based Osx Uninstaller is our editor’s choice for the best app uninstaller on Mac, and this newer version Osx Uninstaller 2024 includes a refresh user interface and optimized app removal workflow. All users can upgrade to this new version for free. You can visit the official site for detailed upgrade instructions.


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