Xiaomi previews Xiaomi Auto SU7/Max technology

Xiaomi has previewed the technology of Xiaomi SU7/Max on December 28 at the automotive technology conference. The Xiaomi SU7 is available in three colors – Gulf Blue, Elegant Gray, and Olive Green – and its exterior design includes teardrop-shaped headlights, 2.48m halo taillights, and rippling surfaces, etc. Features of the SU7 Max include 8 groups of air ducts, 17 air vents, and a motorized tail, etc. The vehicle measures 4997mm in length, 1440mm in height, and 1963mm in width. Vehicle dimensions are 4997mm long, 1440mm high, 1963mm wide and 3000mm wheelbase. As for the interior, the SU7/Max is available in Galaxy Gray, Twilight Red, and Obsidian Black interior colors, and is equipped with a large 16.1-inch touchscreen, a 56-inch HUD, and a 7.1-inch flip-up instrument screen. The rear seats can be expanded to Xiaomi Tablet x2, and the center control screen supports keyboard expansion. In terms of space, the SU7 has 1012mm of longitudinal space in the front, 105 liters of luggage space in the front and 517 liters in the trunk. In terms of power, SU7 Max provides 495kW peak power and 838N-m peak torque, accelerating from zero to 100 in just 2.78 seconds, with a top speed of 265km/h. Equipped with a 101Kwh Nintendo Kirin battery, the CLTC range is up to 800km, and it supports super fast charging. In terms of chassis, SU7 adopts front double-wishbone + rear multi-link design, equipped with CDC electromagnetic suspension and air suspension, and supports a number of adaptive functions. In terms of safety, SU7 adopts 2000MPa strength steel-aluminum hybrid body, provides 7 airbags, and comes standard with 16 active safety features. In terms of privacy and security, it is equipped with the Xiaomi Surge OS system, which supports account privacy isolation and end-to-end encryption. Xiaomi SU7 has begun small batch mass production and will be officially released in a few months, the price has not yet been announced.

Samsung confirms Unpacked 2024 event date

On January 3, Samsung confirmed that it will hold Unpacked 2024 in San Jose on January 17, with the slogan “Opening a new era of mobile AI”, and will launch the Galaxy S24 series of AI-enabled phones. According to the information that has already been revealed on the internet, the S24 series will include three models, namely the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, all of which will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chips. In addition, the event is expected to unveil other hardware products, including the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro headphones, new smartwatches and MR devices.

Dell unveils third-generation Concept Luna laptop design

On January 3, Dell announced its third-generation Concept Luna design, focusing on four areas: “modular design,” “carbon emissions,” “AI measurement technology” and “recycling. In terms of modular design, Dell will increase the degree of integration of product parts starting this year, and will gradually replace its PCs and laptops with “directly replaceable” display panels, thus reducing the amount of adhesives and screws used in equipment; in terms of carbon emissions, Dell announced that it will introduce recycled cobalt materials for batteries, and plans to use “energy-efficient” parts and “sustainable materials” to design products; AI measurement technology In terms of carbon emissions, Dell says it will introduce recycled cobalt for batteries, and plans to design products with ‘energy-efficient’ parts and ‘sustainable materials’. Dell plans to introduce Concept Luna to its entire notebook lineup starting in 2024, striking a balance between ease of maintenance, performance, safety, durability and longevity requirements.