New iPad Buying Guide

On October 18, the new iPad Pro with M2 chip and iPad 10 with A14 chip quietly made their debut and ushered in a price increase across the board with exchange rate fluctuations. Now, the new iPad product line has six products on sale, and according to the different user groups to make a clear-cut form and positioning, continue to firmly occupy the top of the tablet market.


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Adobe demonstrates a range of AI image composition tools

Adobe demonstrates a range of AI image composition tools
Adobe showcased a series of AI-based image compositing tools at its recent MAX Sneaks event. Among them is Project Clever Composites, which automates the speedy merging of images through AI, such as cropping out portraits from travel photos and seamlessly merging them into other backgrounds. Another experimental feature, Project Blink, allows users to search for specific dialogue, or even objects or sounds in the frame, while editing video, and then choose to crop or extract the corresponding clip.

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African Kenya: The coffee source you can’t ignore

Africa is arguably the most important component of coffee production, and in addition to Ethiopia, the coffee gene bank, there are many places such as Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia. The production in several other places is not large and not particularly mainstream, but Kenya, as one of the famous production areas in Africa, I think it should be taken out in detail.

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The best Mac apps you should have

In this post, all apps are hand picked and reviewed by our staff. And you should use on your Mac to level up productivity and enjoy the entertainment.

VLC media Player

VLC is a free and open-source video player for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix. It is an alternative to other video players such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. VLC can play most videos formats supported by the operating system it is installed on. It can also play videos from external storage devices such as a USB drive or external hard drive. VLC can also play videos from the Internet using HTTP streaming. The video files can be played using either the built-in player or through an application that is installed on the system.
VLC can be used to watch video files stored on remote servers or uploaded to other sites such as YouTube. VLC is also useful for viewing video files stored on local computers and uploading them to other sites such as YouTube.

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