Slideshow Wallpaper Released, Overdrop, Bartender 5 and Tripsy Updates

Slideshow Wallpaper: Select your album pictures as wallpaper

Whether you’re a master of landscape photography, a child photographer, or a lover of cute pets, it’s a pity that the good photos you’ve taken can only stay in the albums. Instead of opening the albums from time to time, you may want to use your favorite photos as the desktop background of your cell phone, and enjoy them passively every day. Slideshow Wallpaper is an application to help you realize the above function, simply put, it is to rotate all the pictures you manually choose to play, and play the role of replacing your desktop background and lock screen interface wallpaper at the same time.

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TimeWave, Mercury Weather, DrawerJournal Releases and Other App Updates

TimeWave: Black and White Timing Toolkit

TimeWave is a simple interval timer that can help you organize your work intervals to improve efficiency, assist in breathing and meditation to relax your body and mind, and keep an eye on the cooking time to prevent juicy ingredients from turning into “real dark food”. TimeWave has a minimalist design in black, white, and gray, and when you first enter it, there’s nothing there, so you can quickly add preset models from the app’s Wave Store by tapping the “+” button in the upper-right corner, or by clicking the “Show Me Examples” button in the middle of the screen.

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