Anthropic Releases Claude 2.1

On November 22nd, the Anthropic team announced the release of version 2.1 of Claude. In this new version, Claude can handle 200,000 tokens of long content, which is equivalent to about 150,000 English words. In addition, Claude 2.1 reduces errors or misrepresentations by half and increases the ability to handle complex requests.

Samsung’s Harman Acquires Multi-Device Audio Platform Roon

YooSecurity reported that Harman, the audio electronics company owned by Samsung, announced on November 29 that it has acquired multi-device audio platform Roon, a player platform for music enthusiasts that allows users to build their own music libraries. After the acquisition, Roon will remain independent, while Harman will work to expand Roon’s ecosystem of development devices, including, but not limited to, partnering with more than 160 audio brands and providing audio support for more than 1,000 high-performance devices.

Ikea Launches Three Smart Home Sensors

Ikea launched three new smart home sensors on Nov. 29, including Parasoll, Vallhorn and Badring. Parasoll is a window and door sensor designed to detect if a door or window is open, while Vallhorn is a motion sensor that automatically detects motion and illuminates its own light bulb, which can be customized to a specific color and brightness; Badring is a flood sensor that will alert you to a water leak or send an alert to your phone as soon as it is detected. All three sensors use the Zigbee protocol and are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Parasoll and Vallhorn will be available in January 2024 in Europe, while Badring is slated for an April 2024 launch.

Google Messages Adds RCS Messages Ultra HDR Image Support

According to TheSpAndroid, the Google Messages app (Android’s native messaging app) has quietly added support for Ultra HDR images. Currently, Ultra HDR is a newly supported image format on Android 14, and is currently only supported in RCS messages, and only the Pixel 8 series supports taking photos in the Ultra HDR format at the moment.

Stability AI Launches Stable Video Diffusion

On November 21st, the Stability AI team announced the launch of Stable Video Diffusion, a video generation service, the code for which has now been uploaded to GitHub.Stable Video Diffusion consists of two models, the SVD model, which generates 14-frame images at 576×1024 resolution, and the SVD-XT model, which has the same resolution as the SVD. The SVD model produces a 14-frame image with a resolution of 576×1024, and the SVD-XT model has the same resolution as SVD, but with an increased frame rate of 25 fps. Stable Video Diffusion uses the same SD 2.1 encoder as Stable Diffusion, but the decoder has been replaced with a version with a deflickering decoder.

Gamin Launches eTrex Solar Solar GPS Navigator

On November 21st, Gamin launched the new eTrex Solar Solar GPS navigator, a navigation device with multi-frequency and multi-satellite positioning technology, a 2.2-inch monochrome 240×320 resolution screen, support for a variety of area measurements, and the ability to hang on a backpack to record the user’s footprints. In terms of endurance, Gamma says that the handheld will have unlimited battery life when exposed to 75,000 degrees of light, while the device has a built-in Li-ion battery and a USB-C connector for about 200 hours of endurance in GPS mode.

In addition, the device supports a variety of navigation methods such as waypoints, routes, activities, visual inspection, compass navigation, as well as current speed, maximum speed, average speed and other data analysis speed measurement, also supports GPS timing. It also supports GPS timing. When connected to a cell phone, it can also synchronize notifications, get weather changes and synchronize data through an app. eTrex Solar Solar GPS Navigator is currently available for pre-sale on various e-commerce platforms.

Sonos will Launch New Products Next Year

Patrick Spence, CEO of speaker maker Sonos, recently hinted that Sonos will launch a number of new products next year, including headphones expected to be released in April next year, which will support synchronization of music with other Sonos products in the home, as well as support for the music-based voice assistant Sonos Voice Control, which will be priced at $400 to $500. Sonos will also release a TV streaming device by the end of next year, and has been in discussions with entertainment providers such as Netflix to develop apps for the platform, as well as potentially launching Sonos’ own service.