Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a very famous download tool for Windows platform, which has won many awards at home and abroad. Compared to other similar tools dazzling interface and features, IDM interface without ads, no pop-ups, no built-in browser, focus on downloading can increase the download speed by 5 times, really the advantages of the fastest download to the maximum. Such a good software, the price is not cheap, the official website price is often prohibitive.

IDM can be said to be the ultimate download tool for files other than P2P, mainly in terms of automatic link capture, silent download, multi-threading and multimedia downloads, reducing user operating costs and improving the file downloading experience. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.

When downloading files, most people habitually save the file to a fixed location and wait for the download to complete before further processing. IDM’s silent download feature automatically minimizes the download window. If you want to change the save location or other options during the download process, you can simply call up the IDM icon in the tray.

As soon as you open the page of the audio/video site you want to download, IDM automatically detects the multimedia request from the online player and displays a download floating bar on the player. IDM supports the detection and download of common audio and video formats such as MP4/MP3/MOV/AAC, etc. In the settings window, you can also specify specific sites to show or hide the software’s download floating bar and other more custom operations.

IDM is also equipped with powerful automated downloading features to meet the advanced downloading needs of users through batch downloading, scheduled downloading tasks, site crawling and more. By setting up scheduled download tasks, users can have IDM automatically start the corresponding download task at a specified time period, regardless of whether the download is paused or not. It is very convenient to have your home computer automatically download the files you need for you during work hours and use them immediately when you get home.

The “Site Grab” feature allows you to enter a link and directly select the content you want to download from a web page without using wildcards, including images, audio, video, files, or offline files from websites that contain the full style, IDM can do it all. You can also customize the content and rules for site crawling according to your needs, and save them for easy recall next time.

By simply using the software’s default or custom wildcard characters, you can use IDM to download all the files contained in a link, such as all the images in a web page, in a similar form as follows*.jpg

Using the above command you can download all the images on the IDM official website with names like img001.jpg, img002.jpg and other naming rules.

Many of the resource files on foreign websites are placed on their usual network drives, and these files are very slow and easily interrupted if downloaded directly. That’s where IDM comes in. It can batch download these files as a queue, allowing you to independently customize the download time, number of files downloaded, etc. for each queue to flexibly improve download efficiency. Currently supported drives include RapidShare,, FileServe, etc. Visit the official website to see all of IDM’s supported drives.