Twitter Blue program relaunches
Twitter Blue has additional requirements for users’ Twitter accounts, including a 90-day registration and a valid cell phone number. For the price, Twitter Blue will cost $8 per month on the official Twitter website and $11 per month on iOS, with previous subscriptions requiring a new subscription and an automatic renewal for $11 next month for those who subscribe on the App Store.

iOS/iPadOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1 pushed
On December 14, iOS/iPadOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1 were released and pushed. In this version, iPhone 14 Pro series models can further adjust the all-day display, and the “borderless” feature, which was previewed at WWDC, has officially arrived. In addition, this version adds support for external displays to the M1/M2 iPad, adds Apple Music singing, a new Home architecture, new advanced data protection features, and fixes some bugs. watchOS 9.2 includes “route racing” and algorithm improvements for free sparring and kickball. tvOS and HomePod software have also been updated.

PlayStation 2022 Year in Review goes live
On December 14, PlayStation 2022 Year in Review went live, where users can log in to get their year in review, including but not limited to viewing some of the year’s play data, including total play time, most played games, trophies achieved, PlayStation Plus and more. In addition, upon completion of the review, players will also receive their respective avatar redemption codes, which can be reused.

Canon released a black limited edition monocular telescopic camera
On December 12, Canon announced the PowerShot ZOOM, a limited edition black monocular telescopic camera with a frosted exterior design covered in black. This version has the same performance as the existing white version, with three built-in focal lengths of 100mm, 400mm and 800mm (35mm equivalent focal length), and supports high-speed continuous shooting at 10 frames/second and video shooting at 30 fps.

Google postpones Manifest V2 extension phase-out plan again
Google Chrome announced on December 12 that it will again postpone the Manifest V2 extension phase-out plan, and said that the reason for this postponement is that “some developers have had problems with the migration process, such as Service Worker not being able to use DOM functionality”. Google is now actively seeking a real solution to the problem, and Google has also added another Offscreen Documents API to Chrome 109 to temporarily solve the aforementioned problem.

As a result of this issue, Google will re-evaluate subsequent milestone releases and has re-scheduled the Manifest V2 extension phase-out to TBD, with a new phase-out plan and timeline expected to be updated in March 2023.

According to Tom Henderson, Sony is working on a slightly revised PS5, a new version of the console that will completely replace the A, B and C chassis versions that have been in production since the PS5’s release, and is expected to be available in September 2023. The new console will offer a removable disc drive that will connect to the PlayStation 5 via an additional USB-C port on the back of the console. users can choose to purchase the new PlayStation 5 console separately or as an optical drive bundle, or they can choose to purchase the disc drive on their own.