Microsoft releases OneDrive client with new style design
The new version of OneDrive, version 22.248.1127.0001, features the same interface style as Windows 11 on the settings page, and provides sync and backup, reminders, accounts, advanced settings, and more detailed settings for on-demand syncing than before.

Apple to Allow EU Users to Use Third-Party App Store
According to Bloomberg, Apple may open up its third-party app store to iPhone and iPad users in the EU, driven by EU regulation, to indirectly enable third-party apps to be loaded alongside iOS, although Apple may introduce signature verification for Mac apps so that only signed apps can be used. Reports say the feature is expected to be available on iOS 17 next year, but only in the EU. Over the past few years, the EU has launched several rounds of investigations into Apple, including whether Apple has imposed unequal or anti-competitive terms on developers through the App Store, leaving users with fewer apps and plug-ins to choose from or paying higher prices.

Google Nest and Android are now compatible with the Matter protocol
On December 15, Google announced through an official blog post that its Google Nest devices are now compatible with the Matter protocol for Android, allowing users to quickly add and control Matter smart home devices with the devices. In the past few weeks, Google has provided Matter compatibility to its devices through OTA updates, where Android devices need to be running Android 8.1 and higher and Google Play Services 22.48.14, and Google Nest devices just need to keep the firmware version up to date.

Apple to Collaborate with Google and Mozilla on Speedometer 3
On December 16, the official social media accounts of Webkit, Google Chrome, and Mozilla developers announced that the three companies will collaborate on Speedometer 3 to create a performance benchmark that better matches users’ actual browsing habits, including the introduction of a more modern JavaScript framework workload test for runtime projects, and users can track the latest progress on the GitHub project page. Originally developed by Apple’s Webkit team, Speedometer is designed to test the performance of browsers by simulating users’ web browsing habits, and is currently available in stable version 2.1.

Twitter recently suspended 30 social accounts that tracked private flights through publicly available data, including one that was used to track Musk’s private jet. Musk publicly announced last month that he would not ban such accounts because of his “insistence on freedom of expression” despite his belief that they were “a security risk,” and Twitter has now updated its privacy information and media policy with new rules that say Twitter has the right to suspend accounts “used to share the physical location of others.

Nothing has recently released a preview of the Nothing OS 1.5 Beta update. From the video, in addition to a new Nothing OS-style weather app and a new version of the Bluetooth Quick Settings panel, this update will also bring a number of new features based on the underlying Android 13, including a new media notification card style, Material You dynamic color theme, app language preferences, and more.