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Medis is a Redis management tool for the macOS platform. redis is one of the most popular databases available, so Medis has a wide audience, including server-side development engineers, operations and maintenance staff, and independent developers.


In a word: treat the menu bar of macOS as a browser, and leave the tabs you don’t want to close in the menu bar for high frequency use. Instead of opening a browser, typing in an address, or opening a bookmark, these web pages added to the menu bar are like the stone lion at your doorstep, waiting for you to visit. MenubarX provides a number of default sites, including social media, collaboration tools, information management tools, you just need to add sites to the menu bar according to your usage habits. In addition to using the default sites, you can also open the sites you use frequently by searching for them, and the sites will be automatically added to the menu bar. If you need to add a new site, then just add another tab. MenubarX provides the function of dragging to adjust the window size, you can adjust the window size of different sites according to your needs, for example, image sites can be adjusted to be larger, and information sites can be adjusted to cell phone screen size for easy browsing. In short, MenubarX can’t do complicated work for you, all it can do is to help you keep the tabs on the pages you least want to close, have fun with it.


Zine must be unique in that it has been in operation for 5 years in an area of writing where there are many competitors. Perhaps I’m too narrow in limiting it to writing, but Zine is also a powerful authoring tool, a layout tool, and perhaps more fully defined as a mini-magazine. If you like to read and write notes, make a Zine about reading; if you are a food searcher, make a Zine about food; if you love your family, make a Zine about family photography; whether you teach, raise flowers, debate, travel, draw, or speak a foreign language, make a Zine about your family.

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