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Amadeus Pro
Amadeus Pro is a powerful multitrack audio editor for Mac. It is simple yet powerful, supporting live recording, digital recording and transcription software, and converting between various sounds. Multiple formats are supported, such as MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, AIFF, Wave, etc. Each track can be split into multiple audio clips that are independent of each other and easy to drag and drop. In addition, audio units can be applied to individual tracks in real time without any destructive editing. Amadeus Pro allows you to use your Mac computer for any audio-related tasks such as live recording, digital recording and transcription, conversion between various sound formats, etc. With its excellent ability to edit arbitrarily large sounds (even beyond the usual 2GB limit) directly to the disk cache, Amadeus Pro is executed at lightning speed. Processing of large sounds is widely supported and facilitated by markers. Its outstanding sound repair and denoising capabilities make Amadeus Pro particularly suitable for delivering record CDs.

Airmail is a lightweight mail client for Mac, compared with the mail client that comes with the Mac system, the interface is more concise and beautiful, and the user experience is also very good, such as the position of the mail reply and forward buttons is very user-friendly, and netizens who hate the system’s own mailbox function can try this software, it’s very good! The look of Airmail is very well integrated with the new system. At first glance, the translucent login interface is very eye-catching. The main interface is still the traditional “three-stage” layout, which is more intuitive and easier to manage than the one that comes with “Mail”, but there are also a lot of problems: the white bar on the left side of the mail content is an eyesore and cannot be eliminated; the mail content bar is easily affected by the quick sliding directory and is not very smooth; the font of the left menu bar is too small (11 and 13-inch devices); the mail archiving in the inbox can be The archiving of emails in the inbox can be done by “right swipe” gesture.

The support of Markdown/HTML syntax is very useful for me personally. In addition, Airmail also supports Rich Text, Plain Text, Multiple Signature and other formats, which means that users can find a suitable way to complete a complete email, no matter they are general public, professional coders or experienced writers. Airmail also does a better job of sending quickly. It supports Alfred, Launchbar apps, Safari Extensions, and a powerful “script editor” (built in) that enables various functions via AppleScript. To make it easier for users to save or share email content, Airmail also offers additional third-party services for synchronization.

Posterino is a convenient and easy-to-use photo editing software on Mac, which can help you easily support pictorials, posters and other special effects.

Enjoy a variety of gorgeous templates; create postcards, posters, photo frames or contact forms. Modify your pictures easily; change picture size easily; personalize posters. Crop pictures as you like; the ability to change picture shadows with fixed templates. Add text; rotate photos; create custom templates; edit document mode in full screen. Posterino also allows you to create a different kind of greeting card, so you can send more wishes during the holidays.

Sensei is an optimization and cleaning tool and system performance checker for Mac computers. Sensei has a dashboard with data charts, application uninstallation, disk system cleanup, startup item management, battery health management (including detailed battery reports), thermal detailed hardware information, charts and reports, temperature monitoring module (not supported in current version), GPU/monitor detailed reports, performance optimization, CPU monitoring, RAM memory monitoring, disk monitoring, fan control, disk benchmarking, battery health analysis, boot speed optimization, partition map management, and many more features.

Performance Dashboard, Detailed Battery Reporter, Disk Cleaner, Thermal Dashboard, Theme Support, Application Uninstaller, Detailed Hardware Information, Temperature Monitor, GPU Monitor, Performance Optimized, CPU Monitor, Custom Design, RAM Monitor, Detailed Display Reporter, HDD / SSD SMART Reporter, 100% Native Code, Fan Control, Detailed GPU / eGPU Reporter, Disk Runtime Analyzer, Disk Benchmarking, Battery Runtime Analyzer, Disk Monitor, Dark Mode.’s App Uninstaller is the go-to app removal tool that is effective and cost-efficient. You can click the update button in the setting to check for update, and then complete the updating process. You can also download the latest version on the official website: