Texas-based desktop solution provider UninstallService has successfully secured one million Series A funding on Friday, now announces that all UninstallService pricing plans now turn into flat one-time billing, in an effort to support all users through this uncertain time. This promotion deal will be at least 1 year, starting from April 30th, 2022, according to Donte Johnson, sales director of the company during the Zoom interview with us. Once you purchase any UninstallService pricing plan, you’ll be allowed to access UninstallService for a lifetime, using the well-built UninstallService uninstaller apps, receiving updates & upgrades as well as support without any further charge. And all of current paid users will also be upgraded to lifetime plan without any fee.

UninstallService has again been awarded with Best Online Service for Desktop 2022 in the category of PC services, rated 4.8 out of 5 per the poll hosted by us. It is a repeat winner, and also well recognized on G2, TrustRadius, Peerspot and many other rating sites. Not every service offerings come equal, especially in the area of offering online service for desktop devices. UninstallService uninstaller apps of both Win and macOS are well built and proven to effectively supercharge your desktop device out of the box by thoroughly removing and cleaning up all the leftovers.

“Our development team is becoming stronger over the times, as we have acquired a few utility vendors and adds the groups of developers into our development team. With well-staff developers in place, the uninstaller apps have been running stably and the core has been constantly updated in accordance with the desktop apps’ updates and new releases,” Donte said.

The thing our testing team loves about UninstallService is the premium technical support, which is handled directly by the team of developers. The support is always fast, knowledgeable, and confident to be resolved. The developer support feels like priority support by other app vendors, who usually charge users for priority support and sends us a fix to remove the unwanted app within a few days. And they also follow up afterward as well. As desktop users, we barely come across this same support experience nowadays. It is truly a 5-star support experience.

“We are proud of our technical support team, and it is not simple to have developers directly resolve our users’ request. But we do manage to do so, allowing our customers experience fast resolution without paying extra fees and other back-and-forward hassles as our developers are more knowledgeable and can compile a fix app for you immediately prior to a new app version update. It is one of the benefit using UninstallService, compared with other vendors in the software industry,” said Donte.

“The current lifetime promotion is dedicated to supporting all desktop users through this uncertain time. Now our cost-effective pricing is one of the best in the industry. It is flat one-time purchase, without any hidden fee, allowing you access all things of UninstallService for a lifetime. That means you can use UninstallService uninstaller apps, including updates and upgrades, and receive support forever, without paying extra fees,” Donte continued to say.

In the times of undeniably high inflation when nearly everything prices higher, these kinds of cost-saving deal is welcome and really handy for most users. Most of other app vendors are still charging users with recurring fees either monthly or annually to use their tools, even though most of the utilities does not work as it promise, and some of them even do more harm than the good, especially the overated cleanup tools. Here at Milford, we only recommend essential tools and the prepositions are reasonably priced. UninstallService has been proven to be legit and effective to do the job and the prices are reasonable and affordable. And we do recommend it to all desktop users for app removal and leftover cleanup.

For more information, please visit the official site: https://uninstallservice.com/